Busy Bags - a how to!

Busy Bags - a how to!

Is your preschooler ready to start school? We are not here to encourage helicopter parenting and we certainly do not wish to force children into education too soon. What we do know, through increasing research in this area, is that children who are read to, who play with educational toys that support areas of learning, have a distinct advantage when they start school. 

EBP Education is on a mission to not just create educational toys for preschoolers, but to provide parents with guidance to support their children with fun activities that will provide them with that much needed head start in prep.

So what are Busy Bags and where can you find them?

Busy Bags are a small bag that can be easily placed in your own bag and taken out and about with your preschoolers. They are packed with educational activities designed by the teachers at EBP Education, perfect for plane journeys, cafes, restaurants, doctor surgeries. Essentially, locations that require your preschooler to sit for extended periods of time.

Our Busy Bags have six activities in them. The activities typically support the learning areas early literacy, early numeracy, movement and social education. We support early writing with fine motor activities such as threading. A simple threading activity can develop fine motor finger strength that is essential for pre writing skills. Threading can be an excellent opportunity for pattern imitation essential for simple equation solving in early primary school.

Make counting interesting with bright images and numbered pegs. A simple but effective early numeracy activity for preschoolers.

Billy is working hard at counting 1 to 5 and matching the pegs to the images on the sheet in front of him.


Busy Bags often contain a Hacky Sack.

Hacky Sacks are great for balance practice, as demonstrated by Gracie, helping to support core strength. Core strength is essential in young children for pencil grip and attending skills in primary school.

There is so much for our little ones to think about and deal with when they begin their school journey, supporting school readiness through play is fun and provides them with the head start they need. EBP Education view it as our mission to make sure the only thing a little one needs to worry about when they start school, is how much fun they are having!

You can find our Busy Bags in our online store https://www.ebpeducation.com.au/collections/educational-toys/products/busy-bags or in our Etsy store https://etsy.me/2xEE7xG  

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