Enabling Children to Thrive in an Automated World

Enabling Children to Thrive in an Automated World



I was fortunate to attend an insightful workshop recently, one that is concerned with the future and 21st century skills. The workshop was born from the professional expertise of an educator and a digital transformation professional - both named Helen. They step us through some horrifying statistics;

  1. 35% of jobs will disappear or drastically change by 2025.
  2. It is estimated that 65% of the jobs our grade school children will be applying for haven’t even been invented yet.

And open up a discussion around what we as parents, educators and industry leaders are doing to support children through this ever changing workscape.

Helen and Helen thoughtfully walk us through their reasons for the passion behind this subject matter and as both of them are parents, they have real concerns about what life will look like for their children. Their chosen target audience is preschool educators and parents. Research is clear that early intervention is always best and equipping children to cope with an ever changing environment needs to begin before they enter the education system.

The discussion - as it should - touches on the curriculum that is delivered in schools in Australia, and whether or not 21st century skills are being addressed. Both Helen and Helen recognise the mammoth task that teachers have to deliver in all areas of the curriculum and ask the pertinent question of how we as parents can support that task. Parents can and must support development of personal and social capabilities, critical and creative thinking, the arts as well as traditional subjects taught in schools.

Throughout the workshop there are opportunities for the group to discuss and share ideas. It was very apparent that Helen and Helen are choosing to address an issue that is close to most parents hearts and concerns. They show in depth, the ripple effect on society that automation has had and how technology has changed the way that society behaves and works. They offer insightful recommendations and point the audience towards useful resources to support children with a world that has shown and continues to show exponential growth in technology.

I left the workshop feeling concerned but also well informed on how to address my concerns. Rather than being frightened by the statistics, I see excitement and anticipation for what the future brings - particularly with support from ventures like futureofwork4me. Look up futureofwork4me.com and check in regularly for future workshop dates. EBP Education will continue to post workshop dates regularly through their social media.

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